The Truth About Propecia

These days, hair loss is a common problem among men worldwide. Men have been looking for ways to regrow hair or stop the hair loss and there are a lot of treatments they can receive.

One quick way is hair implants which may cause scars on the scalp. The better way is to consult a doctor to prescribe the only DFA-approved drug called Propecia.

This medicine contains Finasteride that helps in stop any further hair loss in men.

Propecia came out in the 1980’s as medicine for augmented prostate. It was one of the main male problems back in those days.

Scientists came across a study that the drug is best used for the treatment of hair loss instead in mid-1990’s.

Before discovery of the drug, there was no known treatment for hair loss and resulted in men wearing ill-fitting toupees or over usage of shampoos that did not work for them.

This drug came out in pill form, resulting in a more convenient treatment for the men who needed to restore their hair.

A different treatment used before the discovery of this pill was of a shampoo-like product where men should apply it on their scalp.

The drug provided more comfort to the users and is currently the only DFA-approved medicine for hair loss.

The patient will need to use this drug for at least 3 months to notice that hair loss has slowed down, and lots of patients were pleased.

It is recommended to take the drug for 12 to 15 months before any notice of possible hair growth.

Once expected results show, users of the drug keep on using it as they receive nothing but praises from friends and family that they look better every day. Results may vary from one patient to another.

The company Merck & Co. developed this drug for men suffering from male pattern hair loss and gets good reviews for its results.

From a clinical study done by the company, 2 out of 3 users have even noticed hair regrowth after using it in about 12 to 15 months. Merck & Co. says that they sell about more than a million prescriptions per day.

There are about 33 million American men who are potential users of Propecia. The company who developed this drug did a study by observing the progressive nature of an untreated scalp suffering from hair loss against a treated one in a span of 5 years.

The scientists who instigated the test measured an inch diameter from the crown of each tested scalp. The details of this study came up with a difference of 277 strands of hair growth from the treated scalp against the untreated one.

Questionnaires were given to patients who have used the drug for a span of 5 years. Results show that about 63% of these users are satisfied with how their overall hair currently looks like after using it.

There is 59% percent of users who are happy with how the top of their head looks like after usage of the drug.

About 77% of the men who took the test say they notice the improvement of how their hair looks like and 90% have said that there hair loss had definitely slowed down.