Side effects

Most men will have problems with baldness as they approach the age of 50. This means that sooner or later, they will have to use Propecia, the synthetic drug proven to prevent male pattern baldness.

In many trials on the prevention of this problem, close to 90% of those who tried the product has obtained positive results.

This is a clear indication that the product really works and that many people will continue to rely on its effectiveness in combating the menace of hair loss.

Long Term Use of Propecia – For Propecia to take effect or to do its job of maintaining healthy hair on people’s heads, it has to be used for at least six months.

It works in the body like a hormone and brings about changes in hormone levels that keep hair healthy and prevent hair loss. It has been approved by FDA as effective for male pattern baldness and is marketed as Propecia.

The brand name is used by Merck but there are many generic Propecia being sold in the market. It is available in the websites and can be easily ordered online even without prescription.

However, it is advisable to ask a doctor to prescribe the drug because there are some undesirable side effects associated with the use of the product.

Side Effects of the Product – Propecia is not recommended to pregnant women because it can cause abnormalities in the sex organs of babies.

It can induce hormonal changes in the women’s body even if they only touch the crushed pieces of Propecia tablets.

If a pregnant woman comes in contact with the product, a physician should be immediately consulted to prevent damage to the unborn baby.

A very small number of people using the product experience sexual side effects like erectile dysfunction and diminished desire for sexual activity.

Urination problems and decreases in semen volume have also been observed to occur in 2% of people who use the product. Although the percentage of those affected is very small, it is good to be wary of these side effects when using Propecia.

If you are one of those who are unfortunately affected by the side effects, you should immediately stop using the product and consult your doctor. Some of the sexual side effects have been reported by some persons to be irreversible.

The Use of Propecia on Hair Loss Prevention – When the cause of baldness is due to genetic predisposition, Propecia is the best treatment therapy because of its proven effectiveness against Androgenic alopecia.

If you read the reviews on the product in the internet, you will discover that many users have benefited from the use of Propecia, claiming hair re-growth on their balding head in addition to stopping hair loss.

You will also observe that many people talk about the side effects they experienced when they used the product.

Many people continue to use Propecia to treat male pattern baldness because they believe that it is worth taking the risk of the dreaded side effects which are known to affect only a few users.