Propecia Precaution

A generic drug is the chemical equivalent of a brand drug that is cheaper and easily available in the market without a prescription. The brand drug is sold under a brand name and a generic drug is its biological counterpart.

Though generic drugs are cheaper they have the similar medical effects of the brand drug and they are equally popular in treating common ailments of patients.

Generic propecia is a medical drug that is popularly used for treating hair loss in men. It is a medicine for baldness in men that is biologically called androgenic alopecia.

It works on the vertex and the mid scalp area of men who are suffering from hair loss and hair thinning problems.

This drug is very effective in promoting hair growth; it helps re-growth and curbs hair loss to a very considerable extent.

This drug is a synthetic compound that is also a steroid that has 4-azasteroid composition.

It stops the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone in the bodies of men to successfully treat baldness.

This drug should not be used by women and children. If a woman comes into contact with a broken or crushed tablet she must make sure to wash her hands thoroughly with soap and water.

It has been found that if a pregnant woman takes the drug there is a possibility of birth defects. Before taking the medicine one should inform the doctor of any allergy so that there are no acute reactions when taking the drug.

This drug can be taken in tablet form and it should not be crushed or broken. If a person is allergic to finasteride or any other ingredient in the tablet its consumption is not recommended.

If a person suffers any side effects after the consumption of Propecia such cases should be immediately reported to one’s doctor. Buy propecia without prescription from our online store at the cheapest rates.

Getting propecia without prescription is absolutely legal and safe.

Propecia can also be used for other medical cases as prescribed by doctors. This drug should not be taken with other medications without consulting the doctor.

I have been using this drug that has been prescribed to me by my doctor and I have found the results to be very good.

This drug should not be taken with other medications as there is a possibility of increased side effects that generally include some sexual side effects like impotency, rash, testicular pain etc.

The results of the drug are good however; one should consult his doctor to avoid the possible side effects that may occur in the absence of medical guidance.