Propecia (Generic Finasteride) For Male Hair Loss

Propecia is a pill that is taken orally to help men re-grow hair on the top of the head as well as the sides of the head.

Propecia blocks the production of the hormone DHT. DHT is a male hormone that is present during fetal development, but that causes problems in adult males if production is not stopped.

Propecia can be taken at any time of day, with or without food. It can also be taken in conjunction with other medications.

Propecia can cause hormonal malfunctions if taken by women or children, so Propecia should only be taken by adult men.

There is much concern about the side effects that Propecia may cause. However, the side effects have been proven to occur to less than 2% of men taking Propecia.

Side effects included: a reduced desire for sex, minor erectile dysfunction, and minor ejaculation disorder. People with liver problems should not take Propecia, as well as people who are allergic to any of the ingredients.

A doctor can identify the ingredients in Propecia for any concerned patients. Propecia is safe to keep in a house with women and children, even if the woman is pregnant.

The tablets are coated in a sugar solution, so that the pills are safe to handle even by a pregnant woman. However, if the tablets are broken, then a pregnant woman should not touch the product.

Buying Propecia online can be a tricky process. There are many sites that sell generic Propecia under the name brand name.

Other sites sell products that are completely different than Propecia as Propecia. It is very important that consumers do not get taken advantage of through these scam businesses.

While Propecia is known to recreate the growth of hair in men, generic or knock-off versions of the pill are not.

They can also pose serious health risks to people who take the pills because many of the ingredients are not disclosed. The ingredients could cause allergic reactions or much worse.

However, it is still possible to buy Propecia online. The important thing to do is find a site that sells the original Propecia.

One way to identify these sites is through the price. The price of name brand Propecia is higher than that of generic products. The cost for a month’s supply of Propecia should be somewhere around $80.

Websites that sell Propecia for much less than this are probably not selling the name brand product.

It is also easy to tell if a site is legitimate through the wording on their site.

If the site is well organized, offers secure payment methods, and charges a rate similar to that found through a pharmacy, then it is much more likely that site is selling the real Propecia.

There have been many studies conducted on Propecia. Many people are skeptical about the ability to re-grow hair.

However, most studies show that Propecia actually does increase hair growth and prevents the loss of additional hair. In one two year study conducted by the research group Merck, the results were as follows:

5% of the men taking Propecia over the two year period received a great improvement in hair re-growth.

31% of the men received moderate improvement on their hair. 31% of the men received slight improvement to their hair.

Finally, an additional 34% of men taking Propecia over the two year period experienced no improvement in their hair; however, they also did not loose any additional hair.

These results compared to an additional group taking sugar pills, show that Propecia offers the growth of new hair or slowing of loss of hair in nearly 100% of men.