Propecia: Facts about this Hair Treatment

A problem that men have to face when they grow older is a receding hairline, so some of them resort to a new treatment called Propecia. For a number of men who used this product, improvements became apparent within three to twelve months.

Even if the product helped many men grow back their hair especially in the crown and hairline areas, it is still limited in scope for some of them and is not a cure for their receding areas.

The reality for some of them is that they will need hair transplants in some areas even if the product is effective in halting the process that makes them bald.

Another thing to consider is that men should start using this product as early as possible.

This is a good product that men should try because it prevented irreversible hair loss and many users saw plenty of improvements with their hair within the year.

On the other hand, even if many use this hair treatment quite often, it will take some time for their hair to grow in their temporal area or either side of the forehead.

Be as it may, this treatment will benefit older men because their hair loss will become a thing of the past.

Exceptions though are those with medical conditions such as liver ailments, using the drug, Avodart and issues with their urethra.

Since this treatment is for men only, women and children have no need for this hair treatment because they do not lose hair or become bald.

Moreover, pregnant women should not expose themselves to broken tablets of this hair loss treatment because the chemicals used are quite strong. Also, the active ingredients of this product may have some adverse effects to the mother and her unborn child if she touches them unwittingly.

Therefore, it would be better for women to stay away from the product because some studies claim that may suffer from nipple discharge, hives, itching and changes with her breasts.

Even if these reports offer little evidence, a woman who comes in contact with the ingredients of this product must immediately call her doctor.

Additionally, since men are the ones losing hair as they age, only they should use Propecia and never use this for any other purpose. The reason is that they may suffer a number of symptoms if they misuse the product.

Some critics of the product say that men may suffer ejaculation problems, pain emanating from their testicles, problems with erection and even breast cancer that is very rare in males.

Fortunately, these fears are unfounded because all of the products are safe to use provided that they are not crushed or broken. Nevertheless, health providers should evaluate the health status of men for their peace of mind even if they use the product often.

After all that is said and done, scientific studies have shown that there has been some success stories of men who grew back their hair after using the product.

Lastly, men should use Procecia for their hair because the active chemicals will have an immediate effect and prevent hair loss.